Will we see a Skoda Scala RS? Why not?

Rendering of a Skoda Scala RS

At the beginning of this month of December, the Skoda Scala This is a completely new model in the Czech brand that will arrive in just a few months to enter the complex segment C, that of the compact . The brand takes time without a clear commitment to this category, since the Octavia is a vehicle that can be classified as a superior segment, while the Spaceback, although large, has a B-segment architecture.

We fear that the Volkswagen Golf, Opel Astra, Seat Leon, Ford Focus and Peugeot 308, among many others, has left a tough rival. The Skoda Scala bets for a novel design in the brand and, as usual in the Czech Republic firm, for a very spacious interior . The fact is that, as we love sports versions, we are already thinking about a Skoda Scala RS .

The designer X-Tomi Design , a Once again, he has been responsible for carrying out this recreation . In the image above we see how to interpret X-Tomi what a Skoda Scala RS would look like. Black grille, the typical blue tone for the body, large diameter two-tone rims, red brake calipers, contours of the black windows, more marked lines and a sharper bumper. Personally, I like it.

 Frontal Skoda Scala

But I do not want to focus on the recreation, but on the possibility of seeing a Skoda Scala RS arriving at dealers of the brand within a few months. Seeing the good results of the RS versions in the Skoda Octavia is easy to think that it will come. In addition, they recently launched the seven-seater SUV faster on the old Nürburgring, the Skoda Kodiaq RS, which has a 2-liter diesel engine. This could invite the brand even more.

I do not know if the company has already thought about creating this sports compact, which could fight face to face with such mythical models as the Volkswagen Golf GTI Probably not wanting to enter a war with the i30 N, Mégane RS or Leon Cupra, cars close to 300 HP, but the idea of ​​a compact with sporty dyes, good handling and perfect versatility as a car Every day, like the Octavia RS, we like it.

We like it because the customer of a Skoda with a RS family name does not look for the maximum benefits . What you are looking for is a everyday car , that is comfortable but at the same time powerful, that does not cost an eye for your face but that receives certain benefits - both in Acceleration as in step by curve - that would not find in the normal range. Of course, also a reasonable consumption.

Will it reach production? As I say in the title of this article, I hope. The ball is on the roof of Skoda, and you have already talked about it in their offices.

Image - X-Tomi Design

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