Toyota Yaris GR-Sport, the sports package for the urbanite hybrid

Toyota Yaris GR-Sport front and rear

Toyota is seeking to convey greater sportsmanship in its range of vehicles, which until now was only reflected in the Toyota GT86 and in the short limited edition of the Toyota Yaris GRMN. Remember that soon we will see the Toyota Supra in our streets. The Japanese firm, for its current presence in multiple categories of competition, takes the opportunity to improve its image of sportsmanship, and the first beneficiary is the Toyota Yaris hybrid .

The company I was quoting this week at the Carlos Sainz Center to see the new Toyota Yaris GR-Sport . The initials of Gazoo Racing and the last name Sport give life to a more dynamic looking version for its B segment . Let's take a closer look at all the details of the new Toyota Yaris GR-Sport and how it differs from the rest of the range.

A more dynamic aesthetic

Toyota Yaris GR-Sport profile

Although maintains all the main forms of the Yaris and remains clearly recognizable, the truth is that aesthetic changes make the Japanese model look much more dynamic ; trying to look like the Yaris GRMN and Yaris WRC. Logically, it is not much less radical, but it has its point.

The Toyota Yaris GR-Sport is only available in two shades for the body, which are white or red, always with the roof in black.

On the outside , this Toyota Yaris GR-Sport stands out for contrasts with red and black colors . The red tone appears on the lower lip of the front bumper, as well as on a horizontal strip that borders the rear "diffuser". The black has a great presence, making an appearance in the new grille, in the carcasses of the mirrors, in the lower moldings of the doors and in the lower area of ​​the rear bumper, as well as by the darkened rear glasses.

The black 17-inch wheels are specific and use Bridgestone Potenza RE50 tires in sizes 205/45 R17; that is, the same tires as the Yaris GRMN.
Interior Toyota Yaris GR-Sport

Meanwhile, in the cabin we receive some sports seats upholstered in black and with the GR logo, contrasting with the white seams. The steering wheel is also inherited from the GRMN, which in turn took it from the GT86 coupe. The instrument panel hardly changes, but the GR logo appears on the TFT screen when starting. Finally, highlight the black finish of this interior, as well as the specific mats with the GR logo.

Technical improvements

Regarding the technique of its configuration, the Toyota Yaris GR-Sport maintains the hybrid 1.5-liter engine that develops 100 HP , mechanics that allow you to enjoy the ECO tag of the DGT and all its advantages.The body height , due to the new configuration of the suspension, has been reduced by 15 mm, which reduces the center of gravity. The new set-up of the chassis, together with the tires, should give a remarkable stability in the curve.


Toyota Yaris GR-Sport is priced at 18,600 euros , which can be spent at 186 euros per month using the pay per use method of the Pay Per Drive brand. It is already available in the official dealer network, although the first units will be delivered in January.

Future plans?

Toyota Yaris GR-Sport lotogipo

It seems that Toyota's plans with this GR finish- Sport do not end here. The Asian firm wants to continue enhancing the image of sportsmanship and, therefore, it is more than easy to intuit that soon will be extended to other models . Everything indicates that we will see a GR-Sport finish in the new Supra, but we can probably also buy a Toyota Corolla GR-Sport in a few months. Who knows ... maybe we'll even see a Toyota Corolla GRMN.

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