The Volkswagen ID Buggy is seen on a Christmas postcard

Volkswagen ID Buggy

Although there are still a few months left for the Car Show Geneva, where the Volkswagen's new electric buggy is expected to see the light , the boys from Wolfsburg have not been able to miss the occasion and celebrate Christmas with a Christmas card focused on the electric vehicle that we will see in 2019.

Although it is a painting, and not a photograph, and we can hardly see beyond its silhouette, that the Volkswagen ID Buggy appears on a Christmas postcard makes clear the interests of the German firm to launch a vehicle destined for coastal areas, as was the Citroën e-Mehari.

Volkswagen ID Vizzion

The Volkswagen beach model will use the > Exclusive platform for electric vehicles named MEB . Although I do not know much information about the I.D. Buggy, it is estimated that the German two-seater would be developing in the R & D base that the company owns in Brunswick, near Wolfsburg.

The new ID is expected Buggy becomes part of the all-electric vehicle template starting in 2020 . Within these new models are also the van called I.D. Buzz, the saloon I.D. Vizzion, the SUV I.D. Crozz and the compact I.D. Neo The latter is expected to enter the scene starting in the second half of 2019.

Volkswagen ID Crozz

The Volkswagen buggy will not have a rigid roof , because it is intended for coastal areas and more specifically for the summer season. Like most buggies that have existed, the Volkswagen model will have an anti-roll bar, large wheels and possibly bright colors.

Although there was a Volkswagen buggy, it was not produced by the German firm, but rather It was about a modification made in the original Beetle by the Californian Bruce Meyers. Its denomination was Meyers Manx, and it was manufactured from 1964 to 1971 for competitions in the desert.

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