Mercedes SLE Shooting Brake: a look at the future SL

Front of the Mercedes SLE Shooting Brake (unofficial recreation LES)

Sales of Mercedes SL have been falling steadily for a long time. That is why the German brand intends to reinvent its sports car and launch it as a model more focused on the driver style of the GT. For this, the AMG division will actively participate in the development of its successor . Until then, here is a look at what could be the way cars are evolving: the Mercedes SLE Shooting Brake .

The designer Emre Husmen has presented his vision of what could be the final aspect of the SL. His name is LES , alluding to his 100% electric propulsion system. An evolution that in itself would be very significant, but that together with the body change , would make it a totally different car for its practicality and interior space. That of course, if I took the most logical proportions of a production car.

Front of the Mercedes SLE Shooting Brake (unofficial recreation LES) Emre Husmen

Otherwise, we must recognize that this hypothetical Mercedes SLE Shooting Brake has a very suggestive aspect. On the front, the inclusion of an electric drive train has allowed to replace the traditional grid with a large digital screen which could be configured to display several images. A detail only available to prototypes, with which there is no need to worry about homologation for street or safety.

An unofficial SLE, but with Mercedes DNA

The design of the LES has a lot to do with the Mercedes Concept EQA. A prototype that will be roasted the future electric compact that the German brand will manufacture in France. With it not only has the front screen in common, but a body in silver combined with electric blue and lights divided into smaller and smaller parts.

 Side of the Mercedes SLE Shooting Brake (unofficial recreation LES by Emre Husmen)

What about the exhaust pipes?

Actually, the only similarity between the LES and the current SL is the long hood . For the rest, the design of Husmen has little to do with a realistic design, with a elegant and aggressive ceiling line , but that little headroom can offer. At the rear, it offers LED taillights, a narrow window and (for some reason) fake exhaust pipes .

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