Hyundai develops a fingerprint system for its vehicles

Front of the Hyundai Santa Fe

One of the most popular systems today Regarding security, especially in mobile devices, it is facial recognition. Another, probably the safest, is provided by the traces, which function as a identity pattern for each individual, as if it were the DNI .

Our mobile phones they have had both features in their interior for many years, and it is curious how the automotive market has not yet implemented any of these safety functions in vehicles, a product much more expensive than any smartphone. Hyundai seems to have moved ahead, and has developed a fingerprint recognition system that will be available in early 2019 .

Hyundai Santa Fe fourth generation

Yes, it's true , cars already have automatic closing just by passing the hand through the handrail or pressing a button, but this security function is possible by the proximity of the key, something that does not preclude the possible thief to commit the act of theft.

That's why the South Koreans have developed a fingerprint recognition system that will allow drivers to unlock and even start their vehicle without the need for a key. The system is expected to be introduced in China in early 2019, and the model that will feature such innovation will be the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Interior of the Hyundai Santa Fe

According to Koreans, the system is reliable, with a margin of error of 1 in 50,000 , that is, 0.00002% It is likely that these sensors are made of ceramic, similar to those found in our phones, so they would resist unexpected scratches and inclement weather.

On the other hand, the possibility of access without any type of key, opens the door to vehicle sharing as users can register their fingerprints and be able to use the vehicle . In addition, each user will have their own adjustment of the seat, steering wheel, as well as the rear view mirrors, or the air conditioning control.

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