Finally an affordable electric car thanks to the startup e.Go Mobile

Front of the electric car e.Go Life

The startup German e.Go Mobile will start manufacturing an electric car for half the cost of a Tesla Model 3 in the US. At the moment it is an unknown company, but has many ballots to be the protagonist of several headlines in the future. Especially if it fulfills its promise to manufacture electric vehicles that are within reach of anyone .

e.Go Mobile has been founded by Günther Schuh, the man behind > the best-selling electric van in Europe : the StreetScooter. Those sales have been the ones that gave him the necessary capital to create e.Go Mobile, together with the car supplier ZF Friedrichshafen. That he has invested 135 million euros in his company, as part of a project to jointly develop a minibus with autonomous driving.

 Side of the electric car e.Go Life

Three versions according to power and autonomy

The first e.Go model is called Life and is a low cost urban car with space for four occupants, inside a body somewhat shorter than that of a Fiat 500. It will be available in three versions. The most basic, called e.Go Life 20 , has a 14.9 kWh battery that powers an electric motor of 27 HP, with which it achieves a range of 121 km. This version will have a price of 15,900 euros in Germany.

The intermediate version e.Go Life 40 costs 17,400 euros and uses a slightly larger battery and a 54 HP engine, for reach 142 km on a single charge. Finally, the e.Go Life 60 has a somewhat more capable battery and an 80 hp engine, with a range of 184 km, for a base price of 19,900 euros.

Rear of the electric car e.Go Life

Electric car on request

Those responsible for the company say that already have 3,200 orders of the different versions of e.Go Life. They will start manufacturing in March 2019 at the Aachen plant (Germany) and deliveries are expected to start the following month. If everything goes according to plan, by 2022 e.Go Mobile will already be building 100,000 vehicles a year. As many as Tesla manufactured in 2017.

The autonomy of e.Go Mobile cars is not up to Tesla and other brands, but it may have a very good reception within car sharing companies such as Emov or Wible. You may be interested